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Colorado Bucks, A Million Bucks, Air Freshener, MLIS, Soccer

Colorado Bucks - Air Freshener (2-Pack): A Million Buck$

SKU: CB042024AF

Introducing the Colorado Bucks - Air Freshener (2-Pack) in the scent A Million Buck$. Inspired by the Major League Indoor Soccer team Colorado Bucks; Mens & Womens league, this woodsy-floral scent will have you feeling like a million bucks. The 2-pack air freshener is perfect for keeping your car, room, or any space smelling fresh and invigorating; scented with Rose, Tea Tree, White Musk, and Twilight Woods. Whether you're a soccer fan or just love a good woodsy-floral scent, A Million Buck$ is sure to elevate your space and leave you feeling like a champion. So go ahead, smell like victory with the Colorado Bucks - Air Freshener (2-Pack) in A Million Buck$.


Check the Roster for your favorite players!


    Alan Roque #9

    Anel Cumurovic #7

    Ben Gaido #5

    Brando Bustos #1

    Bryan Vasquez #21

    Duran Martin #3

    Isaac Medina #19

    Ismael Morales #6

    Izaias Espinoza #18

    Josh Barrera #10

    Josh Thompson #16

    Josue JImenez #12

    Luis Gonzales #14

    Miguel Avilas #2

    Nasr Ali Abid #17

    Taz Badawi #24

    Tomas Tapia #11

    Ventura Dominquez #20

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