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Scents & Sips - Custom Scent Creation

Join us June19th at 6pm at Sips on 10th in Omaha, NE. Get creative and design your own custom scent that truly reflects your personality! Use code Scents06192024, that will get $10 OFF each ticket and a free glass of champagne at the event!

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Customize a fragrance that suits you, then customize the bottle it comes in!
Explore our CREATE-YOUR-OWN Packages!

Essential Oil Fragrances

EVODIÁ is a niche black owned small business committed to providing a variety of unisex health & beauty fragrances

Herbal Oils


Christopher German, our cosmetic chemist, has created EVODIÁ using cutting edge processes to lead the health and beauty industry forward. Through his meticulous and reliable work, unisex euphoric aromas have been engineered to naturally blend with your pheromones to last all day with minimal applications. With its versatile design, EVODIÁ’s everlasting scents that are emitted can be applied a variety of ways. Have a look at our top sellers and let us know if you have any questions about our process.

"Received my PSI and Omega today. Absolutely smells amazing! Fast shipping as well. Definitely recommend!"

"Excellent and fast service!! I purchased the Omega scent having no idea what it smelled like, and I was definitely not disappointed! It smells wonderful! I will certainly be ordering more from this little company and will recommend it to friends."

"I literally cannot gush about this fragrance enough.

When preparing for my wedding, I came across a suggestion that encouraged brides to buy a special perfume for their wedding day so that way when they wear it, they can always think back to that special day. I absolutely loved this idea and Evodia was able to create a scent just for me! Called True Loves First Kiss, featured orange, grapefruit, I think some sweet pea... and so many other delicious scents.

The fragrance is so unique and perfectly me. Working with Evodia was a dream and they took all of my tastes and considerations into account when working creating the scent. I also love how long lasting the spray is!"

Erika S.

"I got my first order a couple weeks ago. Wanted to give it time and try it out. I ABSOLUTELY love the mask refresher sprays! I don't leave my house without it!

I also got a sample of the Scent Of God collection, and oh my gosh! There is a scent for everyone and you will love! And it actually DOES LAST ALL DAY! I'll definitely be a returning customer! thank you!

oh and the customer service... outstanding!"

Alannah T.


Contact Us

For any questions on products or interests in having a Scent Creation Party, simply reach out today!

Omaha, NE 68105

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